Baldezinho: The Brazilian Street Game Taking the World by Storm


Baldezinho, otherwise called “bafo” or “futmesa”, is a well-known road game in Brazil that has been earning worldwide respect as of late. Consolidating components of soccer and table tennis, baldezinho is a high-speed and energizing game that can be played by individuals of any age and expertise level. In this article, we will investigate the beginnings of baldezinho, its guidelines and ongoing interaction, its developing notoriety, and how you can engage in this tomfoolery and special game.

Origins of Baldezinho

Baldezinho started on the roads of Brazil during the 1980s, where it was played by kids utilizing bottle covers as stopgap balls and tables as objectives. The name “baldezinho” comes from the Portuguese word for bottle cap, “balde”. After some time, the game advanced and turned out to be more coordinated, with true standards and competitions being laid out.

The principal official baldezinho competition was held in São Paulo in 2002, and from that point forward, the game has acquired areas of strength in Brazil. It has additionally spread to different nations in South America, like Argentina and Colombia, and has as of late acquired prevalence in Europe and the US.

Rules and Gameplay

Baldezinho is played on a little rectangular table, like a ping pong table, with a net separating the different sides. The objective is to hit a little plastic ball, called a “bolinha”, into your rival’s objective utilizing just your feet and head. Every player has three contacts to return the ball to their adversary’s side, and the game is played until one player arrives at 10 places.


To play baldezinho, you will require a baldezinho table, a bolinha, and agreeable shoes. The table ought to be roughly 1.5 meters long and 0.8 meters wide, with a level of 0.7 meters. The bolinha is a little plastic ball with a width of around 3 cm and can be bought all things considered outdoor supplies stores.

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Basic Rules

  • Each player has three touches to return the ball to their opponent’s side.
  • The ball must be hit with the feet or head, and players are not allowed to use their hands.
  • If the ball hits the ground on your side, your opponent receives a point.
  • If the ball goes out of bounds, the last player to touch it loses the point.
  • If the ball hits the net or bounces off the table, it is considered a “dead ball” and does not count as a point for either player.
  • The game is played until one player reaches 10 points, and they must win by two points.

Growing Popularity

Baldezinho has been acquiring prevalence as of late, both in Brazil and all over the planet. In Brazil, there are currently proficient associations and competitions with monetary rewards, and the game has even been highlighted on famous Brazilian Network programs. In Europe and the US, there are additionally developing networks of baldezinho players, with standard competitions and occasions being coordinated.

One reason for baldezinho’s ubiquity is its openness. Not at all like customary soccer, which requires a huge field and a full group, baldezinho can be played on a little table with only two players. This makes it more straightforward for individuals to play in metropolitan regions or even inside.

Furthermore, baldezinho is a tomfoolery and testing game that joins components of both soccer and table tennis, making it interesting to devotees of the two games. It likewise advances speedy reflexes, coordination, and cooperation, making it an incredible action for individuals of any age and expertise level.

How to Get Involved

On the off chance that you’re keen on giving a shot baldezinho, there are multiple ways of reaching out. You can begin by buying a baldezinho table and bolinha and rehearsing with loved ones. There are likewise online networks and discussions where you can interface with different players and track down neighborhood competitions and occasions.

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Likewise, there are presently baldezinho clubs and institutes springing up around the world, offering instructing and preparing for those hoping to take their abilities to a higher level. A portion of these clubs much deal worldwide trade programs, permitting players to travel and contend in various nations.


What is the difference between baldezinho and regular soccer?

Baldezinho is played on a little table with just two players, utilizing just the feet and make a beeline for hit the ball. Normal soccer is played on a huge field with 11 players for every group, and players can utilize any piece of their body aside from their hands.

Can I play baldezinho indoors?

Indeed, baldezinho can be played inside the same length as you have adequate room for a table and space to move around.

Is baldezinho only popular in Brazil?

No, baldezinho is acquiring fame in different nations, including Europe and the US.

Are there professional leagues for baldezinho?

Indeed, there are presently proficient associations and competitions in Brazil with monetary rewards.

Can children play baldezinho?

Indeed, balde zinho is an incredible movement for youngsters, as it advances coordination and cooperation.


Baldezinho is a one of a kind and energizing game that has been earning worldwide respect lately. Its starting points might be unassuming, however, the game has developed into a serious and coordinated sport with a developing local area of players all over the planet. With its openness and fun ongoing interaction, baldezinho makes certain to keep on drawing in new fans and players in the years to come. So why not get a table and a bolinha and check this Brazilian road game out? You may very well find your new most loved sport.

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